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Treatment Protocols

Treatment Protocols are provided as MicroSoft Word documents for the client to customize. There are five categories of treatment protocols provided. They include the following:

1) Treatment Regimen Protocols

2) Patient Care Parameter Protocols

3) Simulation Protocols

4) Dosimetry Protocols

5) Technical Procedure Protocols.

The goal of treatment protocols is to have all processes and procedures performed in your organization clearly documented, so that any medical professional can walk into your department and perform any procedure based on documented protocols. Churchill Consulting's protocols are so comprehensive that clients may require no changes at all, as the protocols reflect community standards and provide a clear and concise guideline for the majority of procedures performed in radiation oncology.

1: Treatment Regimen Protocols: Over 30 Treatment Regimen protocols are provided to client on CD. All treatment protocols include:

  • Anatomical Site
  • Indications for Treatment
  • Treatment Strategy
  • Adjuvant Chemotherapy
  • Points of Interest
  • Dose Regimens
  • Procedure Parameters
  • Requested Outside Studies
  • Requested Contrast
  • Preparation Procedures
  • Positioning and Positioning Aids
  • Simulation Process
  • Treatment Borders

2: Patient Care Parameter Protocols: Over 30 Patient Care Parameter protocols are provided to client on CD that correspond to the Treatment Regimen Protocols The Patient Care Parameter protocols include:

  • Nursing Care Parameters, including standard interventions, dietary, and other ancillary services that will be required
  • Tattoo Requirements & Locations
  • Therapist Care Parameters
  • Port Film Protocol

3: Simulation Protocols: Simulation protocols are provided for conventional simulations, pre-CT simulation procedures and procedures for dedicated CT units. In addition, protocols are provided for the following procedures:

  • Construction Protocols, i.e., custom face masks, etc.
  • Contrast Protocols, i.e., barium swallows, IVP, rectal markers, etc.

4: Dosimetry Protocols: Multiple dosimetry protocols are provided for standard procedures, other than treatment planning.

5: Technical Protocols: Multiple technical protocols are provided for standard procedures such as tattooing, port films, etc.

Click here to download a PDF file that includes a summary of all QA products and services, or you may print the information directly from our web page. Prices are subject to change. Please contact Hassan Megahy of Churchill Consulting at (618) 616-6570 to confirm current rates.

This is only one of the on-line program categories available that allow you to edit the materials yourself. Combined, all materials will result in a comprehensive TQM program. All seven are listed below:

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