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Quality Improvement Program

The Churchill Model TQM program is so comprehensive that it fulfills the requirements for most accreditation organizations. For easy use and reference, the main requirements established by the various accreditation agencies have been footnoted directly in the TQM Program. This results in a complete and comprehensive program fulfilling the requirements of multiple accreditation agencies while obliging community standards. One program suffices for any accreditation process you pursue.

  • Features a complete Total Quality Management Program that fulfills the JCAHO standards and requirements. The TQM Program provides a summary of your processes, description of the methodology of implementation as defined by your department during interview, and is cross-referenced to your corresponding policies.
  • The final program outline and resulting manual includes administration trees, medical trees, and an organizational summary of functions and procedures as they are performed in your department. Responsibilities define all processes and procedures performed in your department and identify the personnel responsible for all aspects of patient care.
  • Includes programs that address the environment of care, safety, risk management, the surveillance, prevention and control of infection and competencies.
  • Provides a complete hazardous materials program, fire safety program, safe medical device program, MSDS program, OSHA program and special plans such as bomb threat plans, tornado plans and hurricane plans.

Click here to download a PDF file that includes a summary of all QA products and services, or you may print the information directly from our web page. Prices are subject to change. Please contact Churchill Consulting, Inc. at 860-663-5630 to confirm current rates.

A complete TQM program will result in multiple customized manuals. All materials are provided to client in electronic format to enable client to edit materials as processes change. TQM is a dynamic process, it is imperative to update your materials regularly.

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