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Quality Improvement: Forms

Churchill Consulting, Inc. will customize a myriad of forms to ensure compliance of your TQM Program, providing the client with a methodology to document all mandated data-collection processes (other than physics). Many patient forms provide objective data-collection using RTOG scales based on patterns-of-care guideline models. This format provides objective data collection rather than subjective findings that cannot be compared.

Customized QA Forms Include:

  • Quality Checklists for Chart Rounds
  • Peer Review forms
  • Orientation & Training Lists
  • Staff Competencies

Patient Instruction Forms are also available in the on-line section. Patient Instruction forms include:

  • Site Specific & Procedure Specific Patient Instructions
  • Patient Education & Intervention Instructional Handouts
  • Diagnosis Specific Informed Consents
  • Advance Directive Information Forms
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Diagnosis Specific Weekly Assessment Forms
  • Diagnosis Specific Follow-Up Assessment Forms
  • Patient Complaint Forms
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Departmental Communication Forms and Logs
  • Human Resource Forms
  • Dictation Protocols

This is only one of the on-line program categories available on CD that allow you to edit the materials yourself. Combined, all materials will result in a comprehensive TQM program. All program options are listed below:

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