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Quality Improvement


Address the challenge of today's health care with a proven model for performance improvement. Churchill Consulting has been successfully guiding hospital and freestanding radiation therapy centers nationwide in achieving accreditation by Joint Commission and the American College of Radiology since 1992.

Churchill Consulting specializes in comprehensive TQM "Total Quality Management" programs specifically designed for oncology services. Customized programs help your organization improve services, optimize patient outcomes and make the most efficient use of your resources while complying with the Joint Commission's standards and ACR accreditation requirements. Clinical pathways and patterns of care criteria defined for oncology by various organizations have been integrated into a complete Quality Improvement Program thereby fulfilling all requirements defined by JCAHO and ACR.

The four-phase cycle for improving performance, design, measurement, assessment and improvement will be the basis for your CQI program. Churchill Consulting will assist you in identifying "key processes", elements that are your base standards required for all patients to ensure quality patient care.

A team-planning meeting may be conducted via web conference ($300 per hour) or with consultant on-site (day rate of $3,500 applies per day) to establish outcome-based Performance measurements. Performace measurements monitor problem-prone areas, areas of high risk or high volume. Processes will be developed to monitor the effectiveness of your current procedures. Outcome measurement projects and the corresponding data collection forms will be designed and customized for the collection and management of data, with the intent of improving patient care and department processes. Multiple performance measurement studies will be provided as templates. The design of new performance measurements by Churchill Consulting will be charged at $187.50 per hour (standard office hourly rate).


A template for a comprehensive Quality Improvement Program is available for purchase, provided via electronic download. All elements of a successful program have been written by Churchill Consulting. If Client chooses on-site customization, a consultant will conduct appropriate interviews to assist in evaluating, designing and improving your present program. Existing optimal processes will be integrated into the new program. Recommendations will be made to improve methodologies where necessary. Team planning meetings will be conducted on-site or via web conference. The purpose of this meeting is to define appropriate measurement criteria and establish documentation methodologies for processes not currently addressed in your program.

Your curriculum will identify who does what, when, where, how and why. All processes performed will be documented via your customized Performance Improvement Plan, Policies, Procedures, Treatment Protocols and Nursing Care Plans. Patient elements of the program follow the clinical pathways and patterns-of-care criteria established by the ACR. Data collection models will be quantitative. Outcomes will be measured and assessed. All processes will lead to improved patient care, safety and efficiency.

Prices are subject to change. Please contact Hassan Megahy, MBA (COO) of Churchill Consulting (CruxQS) at (618) 616-6570 to confirm current rates.


A complete TQM program will result in the following customized manuals.

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