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Newsletter Service


Churchill Consulting offers a QUARTERLY newsletter service to keep you current with the changes in billing codes, terminology and descriptions of use. A 'standard' Newsletter subscription entitles you to six (6) coding questions or inquiries per subscription period.

Churchill Consulting's Newsletter is guaranteed QUARTERLY, but the average number of Newsletters per year eight.


Newsletters topics will include coding information from CMS and expert rulings on proper CPT usage. Because Churchill Consulting offers Quality Improvement Programs, our newsletters also include relevant information from JCAHO, ACR, OSHA and the EPA.


Coding questions must be submitted to Churchill Consulting via the 'client login' option, available on the toolbar above. A Client ID and password (provided with your subscription) is required to access your account. Your account is private, but may be viewed by anyone in your organization who you provide your Client ID and password to. You will be notified via e-mail when Churchill Consulting has responded to your question. Each question will include a 'reference number.' You will be able to view all coding questions and answers that have been submitted to Churchill Consulting and posted to your private account.


Phone-support will count toward your allowable number of billing questions. If phone support is required, you must schedule a teleconference time. All teleconferences are counted as 'inquiries', which are deducted from your subscription account. An 'inquiry' is defined as a 10-minute telephone consultation. A 20-minute telephone consultation will count as two inquiries. Summaries of the inquiries will be posted as a question in your account by Churchill Consulting. Please use 800.304.0224 for telephone support.


All opinions, as published in our newsletters are, are the sole opinions of the editor and contributing authors and may not carry any authority beyond the publication. Nothing in the newsletters constitutes law of CMS policy. Churchill Consulting assumes no liability for its interpretation of current procedural terminology codes (CPT) published by the American Medical Association.


Please see the order forms at the bottom of the page to subscribe to the Churchill Newsletter, to renew your Newsletter, or to order question only packages.

The newest Adobe Reader can be safely downloaded at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Note that the form is in PDF format with auto fill boxes. Just click the 'e-mail' button in the upper right corner, and this form will automatically be sent to Churchill Consulting. Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment. Please mail payment, check payable to "Churchill Consulting" and mail to the address on the order form.

Newsletter Subscription Options:

    Annual Subscription Option 1: Standard Newsletter with 6 questions: $250

    Annual Subscription Option 2: Extended Newsletter with 10 questions: $310

    Back issues may be purchased for $35 each.

Ordering Additional Questions :

If your questions have been exhausted during your current Newsletter subscription, additional questions may be purchased for $15 per question. Question packages may be purchased in groups of 6 or 10. The ‘additional question’ option does not effect your Newsletter anniversary date, as this is an independent purchase.

To purchase additional questions with existing Newsletter subscription:

    6 questions: $90

    10 questions: $140

Multiple downloads are now available EXCLUSIVELY to our Newsletter subscribers directly in your Newsletter Account. If you are a current subscriber and do not know the link to these files, please contact us. The link and password to access these files have been provided to you. Remember, you must include your Client ID# when requesting a link. Please contact Churchill Consulting by clicking here to obtain the link and password!

Corporate Newsletter Option:

A Corporate Newsletter subscription is available for billing companies, groups, or vendors who are interested in staying current with coding. The corporate subscription provides full access to all Newsletters within the subscription period. Vendors are allowed to share the information within the organization and with the sales team. Newsletters may be shown to outside groups, i.e., prospective clients, but not distributed to persons outside of the organization.

Corporate coding support is available in addition to the Newsletters. A ‘Vendor Account’ will be established on the Churchill Consulting web page and the vendor can direct persons of their choice to submit coding questions. The responses to all coding questions will be entered into the Vendor Account, resulting in a complete Q&A forum that Vendor can direct persons or groups of their choice to share, view the responses, and/or enter questions.

Please refer to the Corporate Order Form for complete details.


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