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CPT Coding Solutions

Churchill Consulting offers a full myriad of products (via menu) and services that will result in the ultimate solution for your organization.


EDUCATE: Seminars

SOLUTION: DIRECTREES® Coding Help Application

DOCUMENT: Dynamic Forms

RESOLUTION: Compliance Plan



Chart audits (Services F1-F6) are the logical place to start when evaluating your organization’s current billing practice as well as providing an invaluable tool in determining the efficiency of your charge capture.

Our audit process is unique, as charts are reviewed by an auditor with 33 years of clinical experience. All procedures are reviewed for orders, documentation and coding accuracy. The final report will include detailed subjective findings and financial impact for each chart. Report presentation includes subjective narrative, spreadsheets and graphs.

Code-by-code review is included with the comprehensive audit. The ‘NET’ reported codes may be within a reasonable percentage as the expected coding, but you are at RISK for each code reported incorrectly.

An on-site executive summary is included. The presentation consists of a confidential financial impact summary, followed by individual chart by chart findings. Although the main aspiration of most organizations is to increase revenue, reducing your risk by identifying and correcting errors may prove to be the most important result of the chart audit.

Click here to jump to ‘Financial Options’ page for complete details in regard to all available audit options. AUDIT INFO

EDUCATE: Seminars


Coding correctly and staying current with changes is an arduous task. Churchill Consulting dedicates itself to staying current with all coding regulations, and is a licensed user of CPT® by the American Medical Association. Churchill Consulting is available to conduct training seminars for your staff in order to provide your organization with the most current coding information. Churchill offers a menu of eight coding seminars (See F7 for abstracts.) Many of our seminars have associated CEUs. Customized seminars are also available upon request.

Our coding seminars are conducted from a clinical perspective, directed at educating the professionals who perform the procedures. We follow the philosophy of ‘if you do it, document it, and bill it correctly’. This results in the best coding practices. All staff members should be educated on the documentation and utilization guidelines. Seminars are available for the standard radiation therapy codes, professional only codes, and new technologies.

Teaching criteria is based on the American Medical Associations published CPT coding guidelines, the Federal Register, Local Coverage Determinations (LCD) and other appropriate source data. Education will include discussion of correct coding initiative (CCI) edit restrictions.

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DIRECTREES® Coding Help Application

Churchill Consulting offers the only electronic coding help application in the industry. This program is the compilation of five products in one easy to use browser-based application. Product components include TREES (case studies); coding summaries, reimbursement summaries, Rules of Thumb (our User's Guide), electronic Newsletters, code rate information and RVU information.

Our DIRECTREES® application offers over one hundred sample case studies with associated coding summaries. Documentation guidelines are included for each code to assist you in determining if you have selected the correct code for the service that you have performed. The program also includes coding summaries and and reimbursement summaries (APC, technical, professional, and global) for each case study/sample regimen. Our Coding Help Application includes all information as published by the American Medical Association in CPT, sample carrier policies, CCI Edit data for each code, Medicare guidelines, documentation and utilization guidelines, and frequently asked questions. Our reimbursement summaries can be used for financial counseling and internal pro-forma projections. The RVU summaries, available for each case study, will provide you with the data you need for staffing and justifying your budgets.

You can purchase our Dynamic Forms product at a reduced rate with your initial license to the DIRECTREES® Coding Help Application.

Click here for detailed information on the ‘DIRECTREES®’ coding help application. DIRECTREES®

DOCUMENT: Dynamic Forms

Radiation Oncology EMR Dynamic Forms

Our Dynamic Forms are EMR ready for multiple platforms and include drop down selections to provide easy customization of each form on a per patient basis. These forms can be saved as template files on your EMR platform. Suddenly, you have a tool that provides detailed documentation at your fingertips.

The Radiation Oncology Dynamic Forms product created by Churchill Consulting, Inc., now know as Churchill Consulting a Division of CruxQS offer providers with the perfect tool for EMR documentation. The Churchill 'forms package' is comprised of clinically appropriate forms with auto fill functions. Demographics, patient information, date of service (or other fields you select) will auto-populate when the form is appended to a patient's chart.

Documentation is easy with dynamic dropdown selections and text fields, which allow you to type, dictate or use voice recognition software. Finish your procedures notes before the patient leaves the department!

Click here to jump to ‘Financial Options’ page for complete details in regard to all available audit options. DYNAMIC FORMS INFO

RESOLUTION: Compliance Plan

The Churchill Model Compliance Plan (Service F8) is an integral part of the organization’s solution. A corporate compliance plan may be available that addresses the requirements stipulated by the OIG, but this product provides the exact documentation and coding guidelines that will be followed in your department.

Coding Guidelines
Guidelines will be established for all codes reported in the department. Information will include; appropriate use, documentation methodology, and rules for "posting charges". An example would be an isodose plan that is computer generated on one day but not reported until the isodose plan is approved by the radiation oncologist. It is important for the auditors to understand why dates of service reported may vary compared to the documentation available in the patient's medical record.

Click here for more information: COMPLIANCE PLAN INFO

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